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Parent's Health and Education

Successful Parents don't get that way by accident! There are some reliable guidelines for them to follow. I come up with this page for me to share some knowledge on parent's health and education. I will share some knowledge with you for you to become a better parents. I believe good generations comes from Good Parents. Parents should become a good leader. So that we are able to save our world by having more knowledge for us to contribute to a better future generations. The choice is in our hand!

Prof. Dr Muhaya said there are some parents who do not aware that they're growing "MONSTERS" at home by just providing  their physical needs, NOT giving their kids adequate knowledge for them to build up their emotional intelligence and SOUL. From her, I learn how to look things through my Heart, to plan HEALTH as most of the parents out there are just giving their efforts to plan PROSPERITY but not HEALTH. Besides Prof, I do have some experts like Professors in Food Science and Nutrition, some Management and Personal Coach throughout the world. 

Don't miss a thing! Please read the following sections till the end for you to become GOOD PARENTS!!!

Note: There'll be some sections which I found it's more appropriate to be written in Malay Language. 


Well this is my advice to those parents with autistic children. We got to stay healthy in order to live our life. Thanks to God  as last year I came to know about Herbalife. I admit that my live was so terrible the first 3 years after my son was diagnosed having 2 in 1 (Autism and ADHD). My son is severe Autism. Iman was diagnosed having Autisme and ADHD in Sept 2005 and I registered my Phd at UKM in July 2005.

Can you imagine how my life was that time. Both, my husband and I registered ourselves as students. My husband registered his Phd in Economics and I registered mine in Food Science and Nutrition. Until now I'm yet to complete my study. My husband did so well and he managed to finish in just 3 years time. I don't know whether there's a "YES" to my hope. But as a Muslim, I believe that Allah is testing me and will give me the best for my life.

My health condition was so poor.  I was obese, I got asthmatic problem (maybe because too much crying at night), Gout, Diabetes and Anxiety Disorder. Back to my health profile. My weight was already 90kg when my son was diagnosed. I was also a GDM (Gestational Diabetic Mother) for all my 4 pregnancies. Thus all were Cesarean babies. I started to jap insulin (10 units) since I carried Iman in my womb. I didn't know if this might contributed to his Autistic and Hyperactivity problem. But there seems to be research on Hyperactivity problem. It might be caused by mum's high blood glucose problems during preganncy.

My husband also got High Blood Pressure since 2006 as the whole family can't be in bed early (as the earliest for Iman to sleep was at 3.00 am everyday and this continues until June 2009). Today he seems to show some progress but still once a while he use stay no sleeping at all (3 or 4 times a month).

I was growing up to my maximum weight (108 kg on 10th March 2010) and I was ordered to jap insulin (15 units) on 1st April 2010 if my Blood Glucose stays at 15-19. Thanks to God, with his blessings through  Herbalife I managed to get myself free from Insulin Injection as a miracle happen to me. I met a person on 10/3/2010 (only after I got an accident as I cried all the way from the clinic to the University since I was ordered to jap insulin. I can't see a car at the junction as I was really burst in tears that day. Thanks God as nobody was injured that day).

I came to know about a Nutrition Club while I waited for a bank to open. I was offered a free sample of nutritious drink at the UKM Nutrition Club (only 1 hour after the accident). That lady who offered me to have a drink that day is my Angle. Her name is Azlinah Ahmad. She made me came to the club for 8 days consecutively (for her to monitor my Diabetic level) but I came to the club 2 weeks consecutively. You know why? Because the next morning I didn't have to spray my mouth as an asthmatic person. Thus, I went again the next day and completed my 8 days at the club. Just having a healthy breakfast up tp two weeks, I managed to get rid of my insulin injection.

Thanks to God that on the 1st April the Doctor said that I no need to take insulin. I remembered that day when I cried on the Doctor's shoulder after she said "Laila, if this result stays (for another 2 weeks - Blood Glucose 6.5), you no more have to jap insulin. Just control your diet. Until now my fasting Blood Glucose result stays at 4.5 - 5.5, the most is 6. I'm FREE FROM INSULIN now.

My husband's blood pressure also went back to normal 4 months after we took Herbalife. The best part is his eyesight became better as he managed to reduce the power of his lense! Thanks to Allah. God still loves me and my husband as he want us to be healthy for our gifted child. Now we enjoy a healthy lifestyle with Herbalife. Only with this product we can change our eating habit. We increase our plain water intake everyday as the products itself enhance our healthy eating habits. I reduced back to 90kg only after 2 month with Herbalife!! And today (18th June 2011) I'm already 85 kg. The bonus is, when we changed, people are catching us and sign up to be Herbalife Independent Distributor (see

So my advice, please log on to this website ( and for you to share a good health with me, please register yourselves under MY202952 and my Last name is MAT. Let's change our eating habit and take a healthy food for us to live a better life. The Herbalife tea makes me feel better, more energetic, burns extra calories, detox, cleanse our blood from extra fat and cholesterol. It is also an anticancer. I use to commute from Bangi to Shah Alam (it takes me 1 1/2 hour everyday from home to my workplace). I can teach up to 6 hours a day. This product is so EXCELLENCE!!! Please view other testimonials in the following videos, to sign up and to know in details please log on to 

To all the caregivers of children with special needs, I understand all of us have our own health problems. I need to share some knowledge with you on how our life constraints (as caregivers) can lead us to an unhealthy lifestyle. Some situations are explained below:-

1. Not enough sleeping time - we use to have less than 6 hours sleeping at night due to our inablility to go to sleep early. As for me, my son use to sleep late, average 3 am everyday, resulting me to have an average of just 3 hours sleeping time since he was 2 years old. How it can contributes to my health problems?

Answer:Lack of sleeping will cause Leptin hormone (satiety hormone) which works as a signal telling that we're already full. Meaning that, the deficiency of Leptin hormone will caused you to eat more, resulting obesity problem.

Lack of sleeping time can also elevates the level of Cortisol Hormone. This is a stress hormone that can bring stress to you. It's not only makes you feel stress, but also it helps in accumulating fats in your body resulting to abdominal obesity. For further information See this

Lack of sleeping can also cause Angina (Chest pain)

Lack of sleeping can also cause Anxiety Disorder


Parent's education is crucial as for me to be successful in life is to be successful parents. What is a successful parents? I got this from where it gives 10 criteria of successful parents.

1. Able to provide a nurturing and happy environment for your children to grow
2. Able to provide the necessities in life
3. Able to provide advice, emotional support, guidance and unconditional love among other things
4. Able to provide safety, structure and protection
5. Able to provide proper rules to introduce discipline responsibility
6. Able to provide unlimited opportunities for their children to learn and make mistakes and learn back from those mistakes
7. Able to provide opportunities for their children to be who they are and does not force our own expectation on them
8. Able to provide quality time to be spent with the children, talking and listening and doing things together
9. Able to provide spiritual and moral guidance
10. Able to provide encouragement and give praise when necessary

But as a Muslim, my major role of a parents is to make sure I am able to bring my family together, living peacefully in my last destination in life  - HEAVEN. 

Most of my sharing will be from my favorite radio stations: BFM 89.9 FM and IKIM 91.5 FM  Below are some of tips for you to scrutinize. 

1.From BFM radio station (FM 89.9)

a) Bill Gates leadership style :-

 "He believe in hiring good people, being proactive (action speaks louder than words), don't expect any thanks, love the technology, identify problem early, stop at the end of each day, well organized and alert, read books on other topics and take 2 retreats out as for a human being you need to rest your mind!"

2. From Prof Dr Muhaya  (In Malay version)

a) Pilihanraya dalam kehidupan kita:- Dunia atau Akhirat, Dosa atau Pahala, Syurga
     atau Neraka, Redha Allah atau Murka Allah.

b) Manusia import dan manusia import. Siapakah mereka? Yang import itu ialah yang
     selalu menerima/mengharapkan dari orang lain,  manakala yang eksport ialah 
    yang  suka memberi untuk kesejahteraan orang lain. Manusia import biasanya
   "Sayang DUIT guna MANUSIA", manakala manusia eksport "Sayang MANUSIA
    guna  DUIT".

c) Bebaskan diri dari penjara hati, jiwa dan qalbu.  Untuk mencapai ketenangan hidup harus pastikan:-

  • Status emosi kita dengan orang lain, emotional account dgn manusia lain kena baik, jangan ada musuh atau sakiti hati orang, 
  •  Status kesihatan - harus baik   
  •  Sumbangan pada masyarakat  - fikirkan apa sumbangan kita pada org jgn apa org bagi pada kita, nanti kita stres.
  • Banyakkan berfikir kerana orang berfikir akan merangsang kesihatan otak mereka.
  •  Formula untuk tidak mahu bahagia : Merungut, Menyesal dan Menyalahkan orang lain
  •  Carilah Redha Allah bukan Redha Manusia
d) 6 orang yang mendapat cinta Allah:

i.    Sgt tawaddu’/rendah hati, tak sombong dan buat baik, cinta pada org beriman, selalu beri salam
ii.   keras pada orang kafir
iii.  tidak takut pada celaan orang dalam melakukan kebaikan
iv.  sentiasa kekal melakukan perkara sunat
v.   Jihad ke jalan Allah – kita hidup sebagai hamba, khalifah dan mengimarahkan dunia dengan hukum Allah
vi.  Banyak membaca surah Al Ikhlas

e) 5 perkara yg harus diberikan tumpuan dalam kehidupan seharian:-

1. Kesihatan jasmani
2. Kesihatan mental – berita yg kita dengar, buku/paper yg kita baca, apa yg kita tonton
3. Kerohanian –hubungan dgn Allah
4. Hubungan dengan manusia lain ie buat orang gembira, jangan jadi manusia toksik, hargai orang lain, sebut kebaikan mereka
5. Kewangan kita – niat dpt rezeki yg halal yg kita dpt dgn redha Allah, ingst rezeki kita harus dikongsikan dgn orang yang punya haknya cth fkir miskin, anak yatim

3. From the Quran:-

a) To treat Autism you can recite Al Quran Surah Yassin "Ayat 43 - 58" and Az Zhumar (verse 39) "Ayat 24 - 37".

b) "To get good children, with good akhlak and Iman you can recite the Al Quran Surah Al Qashash"Ayat 24"

4. From Ustaz Zahazan:-

Ustaz Zahazan: Barangsiapa memperbanyak mengingat kematian, maka ia akan dikurniakan tiga perkara : (1) bersegera untuk bertaubat, (2) ketenangan dan ketenteraman hati dan (3) motivasi untuk beribadah. Sebaliknya, barangsiapa yang melupakan kematian, maka ia akan dihukum dengan tiga perkara : (1) menagguh-nangguh taubat, (2) kegelisahan dan stress dan (3) rasa malas untuk beribadah.

5. From Ustaz Pahrol Md Juoi

Ada beza antara TAHU dan SEDAR. Contohnya ramai yang TAHU dia hamba Alah tetapi tidak SEDAR yang dia adalah hamba Allah- masih dia pun tetap melakukan maksiat, dosa, abaikan yang wajib dsb. Orang yang tahu tidak semestinya sedar tetapi orang yang sedar semestinya dia tahu.

Dalam konteks tahu dan sedar Syaidina Ali ada mengatakan "Ramai manusia ketika hidup di dunia dia tidur tapi dia terjaga bila dia dah mati, Tapi ada ada manusia dia tidur di dunia tapi jaga bila dah mati – menurut Syaidina Ali. Justeru lihatlah dengan mata hati. Celikan lah mata hati kita dari sekarang, jangan tunggu sehingga kita sudah berada di alam kubur!

Kesedaran tentang 4 perkara penting menurut Imam Ghazali iaitu ALLAH, DIRI KITA, DUNIA dan AKHIRAT. 

Manusia melihat sesuatu dengan 4 cara iaitu :- 

 1.  pandangan mata – pdg mata menipu
 2. pandangan akal/pemikiran – ie berdasarkan akal – sering tersalah kerana pandangan
     akal terbatas
3.  pandangan nafsu – sentiasa melulu kerana inya melihat nikmat sahaja bukan akibat
4.  pandangan mata hati – merupakan pandangan yg sangat bersih, dgn syarat hati itu 
    adalah bersih dari sifat mazmumah

Kejayaan ialah satu perjalanan, bukan destinasi. Formula kejayaan individu:-
Individu yg berjaya ialah individu yang
1.      Ada misi dan visi hidup yg tepat dan jelas
2.      telah bangunkan tahap potensi dirinya ke tahap yang maksimum
3.      telah berjaya dan dia dapat beri sumbangan pada org lain dengan kejayaannya yang diperolehinya. Orang berjaya yang biasa ialah orang yang membawa kejayaannya sahaja secara individu. Orang berjaya yg luar biasa bukan sahaja membawa kejayaan tapi membawa orang lain berjaya bersamanya

6. From IKIM radio station (FM 91.5 or 102.7)

  • Hadis Riwayat Bukhari - sesungguhnya manusia sering terlupa/lalai akan 2 nikmat iaitu nikmat kesihatan dan kelapangan waktu. (Justeru rancanglah kesihatan anda dan gunakanlah masa yang anda untuk melakukan ibadah sebanyak mungkin).
  • Jika pertolongan Allah itu ibarat hujan yang dinanti-nantikan sepanjang musim kemarau, maka solat itu ibarat bekas yang kita gunakan untuk menakung air hujan tersebut. Seandainya solat kita tidak sempurna, samalah seperti kita tidak mempunyai bekas untuk menakung hujan tersebut. Beruntunglah orang yang menyempurnakan solatnya kerana pertolongan Allah akan datang kepadanya ibarat seluas tasik yang bersedia menakung air hujan pada bila-bila masa sahaja

6. From my facebook

a) Dari Junaida Hadir – Warna Pagi IKIM (Topik : Bahagianya Musibah 11.11.11)

Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga" itulah peribahasa yang sering kita dengar apabila kita ditimpa masaalah atau musibah. Kadang kala ia terkeluar dari batas kesabaran, jika hatinya merasa pedih ketika ditimpa sesuatu musibah, ataupun ia mengalirkan air mata kesedihan, kerana yang demikian itu memanglah tabiat semula jadi manusia. Sebab itulah apabila Nabi Ibrahim AS, ketika putera Rasulullah (SAW) meninggal dunia baginda mengalirkan airmata kerana sedih menerima musibah itu.

Baginda pernah ditanya mengenai itu. Jawab Baginda:
"Itulah tandanya Rahmat. Sebenarnya Allah (SWT) menurunkan Rahmat keatas hamba2nya yang bersifat belas kasihan."
"Jadi merasa sedih dihati dan mengeluarkan airmata itu tidak dikira terkeluar dari batas atau maqam redha."

"Sifat sabar itu itu adalah umum pada segala pekara dan perbuatan kita dalam masyarakat. Meskipun org itu tinggal bersendirian tidak bergaul dgn org lain, namun sifat sabar itu perlu juga baginya untuk menolak was2 syaitan dan gangguannya dalam batin. Sebab getaran sanubari tidak akan bertenang diam, malah ia terus menerus akan bergerak disebabkan hawa nafsunya."

"Keadaan hati yang mashgul oleh fikiran yang penting terhadap urursan agama, sudah tentulah ia akan kosong dari godaan syaitan. Kalau tidak barangsiapa yang lalai, walaupun seketika sja, niscaya syaitan akan mengisi hatinya meskipun dalam masa sekelip mata.
Sebab itu ALlah (SWT) telah berfirman:
" وَمَن يَعْشُ عَن ذِكْرِ الرَّحْمَنِ نُقَيِّضْ لَهُ شَيْطَانًا فَهُوَ لَهُ قَرِينٌ
"Maka barangsiapa yg berpaling dari mengingati Allah (SWT), Tuhan pemurah, niscaya Kami akan tentukan baginya syaitan yang menjadi kawannya." (Al-Quran Az-Zukhruf:36)

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