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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Health Tips For All The Parents Out There

Well this is my advice to those parents with autistic children. We got to stay healthy in order to live our life. Thanks to Allah as last year I came to know about Herbalife. I admit that my live was so terrible the first 3 years after my son was diagnosed having 2 in 1 (Autism and ADHD). He's severe Autisme. Iman was diagnosed having Autisme and ADHD in Sept 2005 and I registered my Phd at UKM in July 2005.  Until now I'm yet to complete my study. And I don't know whether there's a "YES" to my hope. My health condition get worse, I was obese, I got asthmatic problem (maybe because too much crying at night) and diabetes.

Back to my health profile. My weight was already 90kg when he was diagnosed. I was also a GDM (Gestational Diabetic Mother) for all my 4 pregnancies. Thus all were Cesarean babies. I started to jap insulin (10 units) since I carried Iman in my womb. I didn't know if this might contributed to his Autistic and Hyperactivity problem. My husband also got High Blood Pressure since 2006 as the whole family can't be in bed early (as the earliest for Iman to sleep was at 3.00 am everyday and this continues until June 2009).

I was growing up to my maximum weight (108 kg on 10th March 2010) and I was ordered to jap insulin (15 units) on 1st April 2010 if my Blood Glucose stays at 15-19. Alhamdulilllah, with Herbalife I managed to get myself free from Insulin Injection as a miracle happen to me. I met a person on 10/3/2010 (only after I got an accident as I cried all the way from the clinic to the University since I was ordered to jap insulin. I can't see a car at the junction as I was really burst in tears that day. Thanks God as nobody was injured that day).

I came to know about a Nutrition Club while I waited for a bank to open. I drink a free sample at the Club (only 1 hour after the accident). That lady who offered me to have a drink that day is my Angle. Her name is Azlinah Ahmad. She made me came to the club for 8 days consecutively (for her to monitor my Diabetic level) but I came to the club 2 weeks consecutively. Thanks to God that on the 1st April the Doctor said that I no need to take insulin. I remembered that day when I cried on the Doctor's shoulder after she said "Laila, if this result stays (for another 2 weeks - Blood Glucose 6.5), you no more have to jap insulin. Just control your diet. Until now my fasting Blood Glucose result stays at 4.5 - 5.5, the most is 6.

My husband's blood pressure also back to normal 4 months after we took Herbalife. The best part is his eyesight became better as he managed to reduce the power of his lense! Thanks to Allah. God still loves me and my husband as he want us to be healthy for our gifted child. Now we enjoy a healthy lifestyle with Herbalife. Only with this product we can increase our plain water intake everyday as the products itself enhance our healthy eating habits. I reduced back to 90kg only after 2 month with Herbalife!! And today (18th June 2011) I'm already 85 kg.

So my advice, please log on to and register yourselves under MY202952 and my Last name is MAT TAHIR. Let's take a healthy food for us to live a better life. The Herbalife tea makes me feel better, it's also anticancer. I use to commute from Bangi to Shah Alam (it takes me 1 1/2 hour everyday from home to my workplace). I can teach up to 6 hours a day. This product is so EXCELLENCE!!! Please view other testimonials in the following videos, to sign up and to know in details please log on to 

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