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Blog Objectives

We create this blog to :-

a) share our experience with all the parents out there, as we believe that "A Problem Shared is A Problem     Halved"

b) seek for some new ideas and tips from other parents, teachers or academicians, also with other Autism  caregivers for us to be able to cope with our daily lives (thus we really welcome for any positive feedbacks from the audience, please give your comments at "Share Your Experience With Us" at July's 2011archive ).

c) get some financial resources (or any kind of contribution), for Autism Lab, UKM and for our son Muhammad Tajul Iman for his future treatment.

d) share some tips/knowledge  with other parents in terms of  health, parenting, leadership etc which I believe those tips can be used for them to build their emotional intelligence. You can refer to "My Gratitutude to All Blog Visitors" at July's 2011 archive for more information.