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Monday, 27 June 2011

Tip's In Handling Iman's Sensory Problems

The following list tells you about Iman's sensory problems. We've got some solutions towards some of his behaviors, but the rest remains unsolved (thus I need some help if you can suggest something to us regarding his sensory behaviors) :-

1.He couldn't stand the sound of a blender, so we use to ask him to push the start button, it takes so long for him to get use to it. At last it works. My friend told me, autism children do have a very sensitive sensory, that blender might sound so irritating to his ears, thus we should be able to convince them that 'it's ok - there's no threat"

2.He is still playing with his own saliva - this problem remains unsolved

3. He likes to bite on plastic materials, also his clothes resulting them to have some holes all over his t shirts. I also need to change to a new handbag, sometimes once a month. One thing that worries me a lot is his behavior in biting the electrical wires, telephone wires etc. This is so dangerous. That's why I can't sleep early at night as I'm so worry about him - this problem also remains unsolved


  1. Hi there,

    Here's some suggestions for Iman's Sensory Problem:

    1) playing with his own saliva
    - use wet cloth to wipe his hands whenever he's playing / about to play with his saliva. this might help him think that wet cloth is saliva.

    2) bite on plastic materials & clothes
    - prepare a box of chew toys for him. whenever he feels like chewing, quickly give him the box & let him choose himself. Prepare social story for him about " Chewing (things he can chew & not chew)

    Good luck :-)

  2. My grateful to you for this tips. Keep on and pay a visit at my blog ya... Wish to see you some day