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Friday, 17 June 2011

Our first experience dealing with Tajul Iman's behaviour

Tajul Iman at 6 years old
My son was born on 15th June 2003. Everything seems to be normal, our baby was such a cute boy. The main difference between him with other siblings was he stay speechless until the age of 2 years. We notice a few other symptoms : no eye contacts, no social interactions and he always knocked his head, also with temper tantrums.

I registered my Phd (in Food Science & Nutriton at UKM) in July 2005, only then, just 2 months after my registration my son was diagnosed having Autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Can you just imagine, how I cope with his condition? I was just not prepared to take this initially.

My life was like a roller coaster. I didn't know what was Autisme before. I prayed to the God, asking Him, "Are You Punishing me now?". Everyday my son throws his tantrums.  I couldn't sleep well every night. Iman used to stay up until 4 am everyday, busy biting things like plastic materials, electrical wires. I didn't dare to sleep while he was busy playing with those electrical items. He was so fond of fan. I shouted at him almost  everytime when he plays with the standing fan. I was afraid that he might hurt his fingers.

He broke down our sliding doors 3 times in 4 months, he broke down our windsreen twice in a month. I was like crazy. I couldn't stand his behavior and tantrums. I cried in agony. My predicament took me to another serious problem when I couldn't concentrate on my PhD. I just managed to defend my proposal during my third semester. I didn't see my supervisor for so long. She was so angry with me. I cried every time I saw her in her office.

I kept on hiring and firing a few maids. There's no use to pay them a sum of money when they couldn't take care of my son. Some of them even abused my son. He couldn't speak or report anything to me. I remembered one day when I saw my Indonesian maid kicked my son's tummy. I fired her on the same day. I  feel like kicking her out of my door.  But I end up crying. The next day she ran away from home. At least she learnt a lesson.

My health get worse. I suffered from diabetes, asthma (maybe too much of crying especailly at night), anxiety disorder and the worse part, I got Gout at the age of  35. I am a type of person who got a tendency to eat more when |I was stress. I grew up to 108 kg in March 2010. Then it was a turning point in my life when the God saved me from Insulin Injection. (Please refer to "Parent's Health and Education" section from this blog). 

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