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Iman's Health

Iman was suffering from asthma since he was five. This is due to his allergic towards seafood and cold weather. We had to buy a Nebulizer (asthma gas machine) in order to cope with his problem. Sometimes we got to go to the clinic early morning (at 3 am) when he got his asthma. It makes us wait for our turn to use the only one machine at the clinic, thus we decided to make it available at home.

Iman has this behavior. When he suffers from asthma, he can't sleep, thus he doesn't want us to sleep also. He makes sounds, "adeh deh deh, adeh deh deh" repeatedly and we can't sleep due to the sounds. Sometimes he knocked on his head to tell us that he can't breath. He can't speak, so that is the only way he can tell us about his own predicament.

I use to take MC at least three days a month due to his sickness. His hyperactivity also makes him not able to sleep the whole night (at least 3 days in a month). I can't make it. I had to drive early morning to Shah Alam and it takes me the minimum of an hour for me to get to my workplace. Deep in my heart, I want to quit work ASAP as I feel that I really can't cope with my work. I feel so guilty to my students. The class starts at 8.00 am, the Autism Lab opens at 8.30 am, and I starts my class at 9.30 am. Sometimes I drive so fast (up to 130 km/h) in order to reach my class earlier. But I really sacrifice my safe journey. Till when should I be like this? God please help me.........


My son's asthma condition seem to be under controlled after I introduced him to Herbalife hibiscus tea. Less attack now. It's already proven that hibiscus tea is really good to treat respiratory diseases (see link that tells :

"Treat respiratory tract infections using hibiscus. Hibiscus has antibacterial properties which is effective in soothing respiratory tract infections and relieve ailments like whooping cough. It also help in combating fever, cystitis and venereal diseases"

It's just that I can't give him more tea as Iman can't take the Herbalife tea by itself. I got to add the hibiscus tea into his "Lipton Tea". Autistic persons are having such a very sensitive sensory. My son is so sensitive in taste. He will reject the tea if he noticed there's something else inside it. It makes my job tougher. I can easily tell my students and my Nutrition Club member to take 3 times hibiscus tea a day, but NOT MY SON!

Also, for the time being, it's hard for me to control his diet. I noticed that my son always got his asthma attack whenever he took seafood especially prawns. Now I know (after consultation with the Peds specialist and ENT specialist) that some people may develop asthma due their allergic to seafood or any kind of protein food such as nuts, meat or even certain types of fish.

With Herbalife tea, I can improve Iman's drinking habits. Now, his plain water intake increased, less ice/beverages. It's just I can't control his drinking habits during festive seasons like "Hari Raya" and most of the family gatherings we use to attend, since most of my family still serve cold drinks during our visits.

His treatment for asthma now : Ventolin (grey colour -oral) and puff , Flixotide evohaler (orange colour - prevention for asthma). We got to stop using Nebulizer for the time being as the Doctor ordered me to stop using it. Nebulizer actually can only be used at the clinic, with Doctor's to monitor. They said, it can affect his heartbeat. he might have heart problem later in his life.

Iman's next appointment at Hospital Serdang will be on Nov, 6th.  I really want to have a better feedback from the Peds Clinic. Pity my son. He had been suffering from toothache since last month. Doctor said, it will be risky, using anesthesia to treat an asthma patient. In that case, my son will have to suffer for a longer period as his teeth can't be taken out UNLESS his asthma is ok. Poor boy!