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You can contact me personally at 011-26451058 (Mdm Laila) or via e mail to for any advice/programs/ events/ talks.
We are having a financial constraints in developing an Autism Education Centre in Dungun. So for those who are interested to donate to us, please read the following parts below:

There are some ways if you want to help us with Iman's Education. Special education is important for Autism children as it'll help them to survive in future. I believe with a formal education, my son will be able to carry himself independently when we are no more in this world.
So people out there you can do the following to help us:-

1. Contribute some funds for Tajul Iman (Maybank Account: 163019388893 OR CIMB Bank 8006658337TAJULDDIN MUHAMMAD (Iman's Father) 7 . For your contribution to support Iman with his future treatment. So far we try to get funds for his speech therapy, occupational therapy and to treat his asthma problem.  

2. Help us through our online efforts - please log on to our blogs and websites below.

My husband is becoming a blogger now. We also have a few online shops, and blogs for us to help more people out there.  We're also giving our best effort for financial resources as to treat our son.  I have a target to be able to go overseas to treat him, please support us!!! Here all all our efforts for Iman. - I introduced you to a cellular nutrition product - this is my online bookshop (Telaga Biru)

You can contact my husband (+6012-9628165) if you're interested to create your own blog.

3. Help us to cope with Iman's repetitive behavior. Please give us your comments through a section "Share Your Experience" in our blog Archive for July 2011. You're not just helping us, but also many people out there who have to be strong in our journey in life with our special kids.

We come up with a tag line (Autism Is Not a Tragedy Ignorance Is). We also welcome for any contribution based on 4T : Treasure, Time, Touch and Talent.