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Iman's Education


Time is going so fast since my boy was diagnosed in 2005. That time he was just 2 years old. This year 2016, my son Iman is growing up to a handsome 13 year old boy, fair skin, with the same hair style. I keep it like that because he likes to cut his own hair. So keeping it to the shortest cut will help me to cope with his behavior. My life become more challenging now. Not just me but each and every one of  us in the family. My husband is still our best mentor. Thanks God for bringing such a good “Teacher” to our family. He’s still keeping up with his “istiqomah” in patience and “Redha”.  Telling us everyday, that God knows what’s the BEST for us. Thus he send Tajul Iman  and his youngest brother Muhammad Aidil Irfan (mild Autism) to our family. Two special boys are there for us, our “Ladang Pahala”. 

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MaiA teachers and Iman's friends
Iman was sent to Makmal Inovasi Pembelajaran Autisma (MaIA), an Autism Lab, at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) since march 2009. Until now, this is just a place for him to get a formal education. I was on the STAR newspaper on the 3rd June 2009. The title of the article is "Beacon of Hope". Please refer to the article below (as it might help you to cope with your Autism Child). Before that please preview our Researchers Team at UKM. My Gratitude to all of them, especially Dr Hasnah and husband Mr. Suffian for their support to me and my family. May Allah bless you all. To all our teachers, I really treasure you, thanks for your patience in educationg our children at MaIA.

Our Team - Autism Lab (MaIA), UKM, Bangi, MALAYSIA. Iman is holding his handkerchief (4th from the left-second row). I'd to give him this handkerchief or a hand towel everyday as he's latest behavior is playing with his saliva. He's also biting his clothes (especially the collar part), habis berlubang-lubang semua. I got to buy a new t shirt for him every week. What to do? Sabar Jelah........

I was on the Newspaper !!!!!! Glamour kejap!!

Iman's at swimming class