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Autism Research/Books

I really appreciate this two materials. My biggest appreciation to Dr Hasnah Toran and Maia UKM team.

1. Autism Lab UKM (MaIA) - Interview with parents (Malay version). Click on MAIA 
    Video in this Blog

2.  Newspaper Article - The STAR 3rd June 2009, "Beacon of Hope". Please refer to

The following reference will guide you on your research:-  


1. Genius dari Syurga. (Kisah benar seorang ibu yang mendidik anak Autistik). By Ainizal
    Abdul Latif. From Karangkraf. ISBN 978-983-124-995-6

2. Aku Bersyukur Anakku Autisme. By Dr Wan Nasyrudin Wan Abdullah Hisham Bin Ahmad.
    Availabe at


1. Ashum Gupta & Nidhi Singal (2005). Psychosocial Support for Families of Children, 
    with  Autism. Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal. Vol. 16. No. 2

  2. Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Reference Handbook.   By Raphael Bernier,
      Jennifer Gerdts

3. Crane J.L & Winsler A. (2008). Early Autism Detection: Implications for Pediatric
    Practice and Public Policy. Journal of Disability Policy Studies. 18: 245-253.Journal of
     autism and developmental disorders, Volume 28

5. Isabelle Rapin & Roberto F.Tuchman (2008) Autism: Definition, 
    Neurobiology,Screening, Diagnosis.1129–1146.

4. Evonn Welton, Shernavaz Vakil, & Carolyn Carasea (2004). Strategies for Increasing 
    Positive Social Interactions in Children with Autism: A Case Study. TEACHING 
    Exceptional Children, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 40-46.

I give you my verbal consent to those who're interested to do a qualitative research on my son's diary.  My pleasure if you can send me your paper once you'd already complete your reasearch. TQ