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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Iman's/Parents's Diary - A process to know you Iman

30th June 2011- Mum's Diary

Today we're on our trip to Petrosains KLCC. Today I noticed that we parents should be more attached to our son's education centre. When we spent time together on a trip to KL, it's gives us an opportunity to interact with teachers and other parents also. I do bring Iman's other siblings as I believe it'll help them to release their tension also. To me going for a trip today is like a "Wow moment". I remembered a book form Jamilah Samian "Cool Mum Super Dad" that said parents should have their own precious moments together, so start thinking about a candle light dinner, going to watch movie, bowling, etc etc with my beloved hubby. My daughter thank me so much and ask whether it's possible for us to go to karaoke, I said "YES". She's so happy and I suddenly aware that all this while we've been so stressfull and have limited time for ourselves. My husband and I seems so busy with our Phd since 2005, also we really committed to Iman's treatment and trying to cope with his situation, at the same time, we tend to ignore the rest of the family members. Poor kids. Mummy will never do that again.

Back to Iman, while talking to his teachers today, I got a positive feedback about him in school. He seems to be the most behave student in class. It really surprises me a lot as at home he seems to be the opposite side of him in school. He keeps on pass urine (once in 10 minutes), doing all his bad habits like biting on his clothes, playing with the water at our kitchen sink etc. Something is wrong somewhere. I'm in need to parents education I think. Dr Hasnah gives her positive feedback. There'll be a weekend class for us on parents education. Well I hope so Dr Hasnah. Thanks for your concern!

20 th June

Today is my 40th Birthday. On the way to school, I forced him to eat some bread in the car as he refused to have breakfast this morning. I didn't know that my son will be very angry and threw his temper tantrums again. I cried in the car. After a while I noticed. There's a new lesson for today. "Never force autistic child to do something that they don't want to". So to all my friends out there, please do not do the same mistake. he almost broke my windscreen today (for the 3rd time this year). Thanks to God, it didn't happen today.............. 

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