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Friday, 4 March 2016


Time is going so fast since my boy was diagnosed in 2005. That time he was just 2 years old. This year 2016, my son Iman is growing up to a handsome 13 year old boy, fair skin, with the same hair style. I keep it like that because he likes to cut his own hair. So keeping it to the shortest cut will help me to cope with his behavior. My life become more challenging now. Not just me but each and every one of  us in the family. My husband is still our best mentor. Thanks God for bringing such a good “Teacher” to our family. He’s still keeping up with his “istiqomah” in patience and “Redha”.  Telling us everyday, that God knows what’s the BEST for us. Thus he send Tajul Iman  and his youngest brother Muhammad Aidil Irfan (mild Autism) to our family. Two special boys are there for us, our “Ladang Pahala”.

Not just me and my family, Tajul Iman had become another challenge to his new teachers in school, Sek Men Kebangsaan Sura, Dungun. A two kilometers secondary school from our house. It is so convenient to me, as compared to his previous primary school which is located 20 kilometers away from home.
It took him around a month for my son to fine tune with his new school environment. With the friends and teachers around him. My son is still with his tantrums in school. He pass his urine deliberately to seek for the teachers’ attention. I got to explain to the teachers about Autism and ADHD and convinced them that Tajul Iman’s behavioral problem can be control by giving him some activities he likes very much like cooking and gardening. This is because some of the teachers are not used to his behavioral problem. Autism and ADHD is such a difference with other learning disability students in school. They have some students with Down Syndrome, hearing problems and other kind of disability, still, dealing with my severe Autism and ADHD boy might be such a big challenge to them. I play my part. As a mom, I tried to reduced their “burden” and challenge by just sending him 2 to 3 times a week to school. I hired a daily maid, Kak Mah, a tough and kind hearted woman from Che Lijah, to take care of him. So far so good, she still can cope with my boy’s behavioral problem after a year with us.

To cope with his behavior, on passing urine deliberately in school, I put on ladies pad instead of adults diapers. I found him not tolerable with the adult’s diapers, maybe because the size is bigger. He shows his dismay by tearing the adult’s diapers once I put it on! The teacher complaints that he disturbs the Teaching and Learning process in school when they got to bring him to the toilet so often!  He passes his urine to show his protest to some of the teacher’s instructions or to seek for the teacher’s attention.

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