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Saturday, 13 August 2011

What causes autism

According to Autistica Science In The Services of Autism (base in the UK)
  • No one knows exactly why but the brain develops differently in people with autism.
  • Finding the causes of autism is one of the most challenging areas of medical science.
  • The absence of a clear understanding about what causes autism makes finding effective therapies very difficult.
  •  It is now widely accepted by scientists that a predisposition to autism is inherited with the underlying genetic cause of up to 40% of autism cases having now been identified.
  • It is not clear why a genetic predisposition affects some family members and not others.
  • Improved detection, identification and diagnosis of autism means that we now estimate that 1 in 100 people has an autism spectrum disorder.
  • There are currently no biological tests to confirm a diagnosis of autism. Identification of the condition is at present based solely on observed behaviours.
  • Research is also taking place to establish the part played, if any, by environmental factors either prenatally or after a child is born.
  •  Autism is no longer attributed, as it once was, to lack of affection in the child's mother.

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