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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Parent's Health

To all caregivers of children with special needs, I understand all of us have our own health problems. I need to share some knowledge with you on how our life constraints (as caregivers) can lead us to an unhealthy lifestyle. Some situations are explained below:-

1. Not enough sleeping time - we use to have less than 6 hours sleeping at night due to our inablility to go to sleep early. As for me, my son use to sleep late, average 3 am everyday, resulting me to have an average of just 3 hours sleeping time since he was 2 years old. How it can contributes to my health problems?

Answer:Lack of sleeping will cause Leptin hormone (satiety hormone) which works as a signal telling that we're already full. Meaning that, the deficiency of Leptin hormone will caused you to eat more, resulting obesity problem.

Lack of sleeping time can also elevates the level of Cortisol Hormone. This is a stress hormone that can bring stress to you. It's not only makes you feel stress, but also it helps in accumulating fats in your body resulting to abdominal obesity. For further information See this

Lack of sleeping can also cause Angina (Chest pain)

Lack of sleeping can also cause Anxiety Disorder

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  1. Salam, when my boy is around 3-6 yrs old, he had a very disturbing sleeping pattern. sleep early, then wakes up for hours until early morning. Lack of sleep was a major prob for hubby and I. Now (he is 8), I am glad it is all over. no more sleepless nights. Alhamdulillah