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Wednesday, 10 February 2016


People had been talking about autism awareness among the public. To me it’s such a great challenge to create awareness among the bigger group of people when there is still lack of awareness among the smaller group : the family members of Autistic children. Tajul Iman is celebrating his 13 years old birthday this coming June: 15/6/2016. Until now I do have problems dealing with my family members, even with my own siblings.

I remembered my friend Sufian said, when Muhammad (his Autistic son) was young, he used to give a cash reward to Muhammad’s cousins, for them to play with him. To the extend, but he claimed  ”ÏT WORKS THAT WAY”. For Tajul Iman, I haven’t implement the same strategy. I might have to consider doing it someday. Like this week, we’re here in Negeri Sembilan, my home town. My niece and nephew called me a few times when I was in Dungun, insisting for me to come back to NS during the school holiday. But when we’re already here, things even get worst when I found difficulties in handling those kids when they often tried to hurt my son. Iman used to tease other kids, playing with their hair (for his sensory problem), destroying their toys, etc. They expressed their anger by punching him, kicking him and do things that might hurt my son. Worries me a lot, that I got to monitor my boy almost all the time!

I know and understand that they’re still small kids, we adults got to educate them, but it really hurts me a lot when my own sister used to be so suspicious about my son, on his interaction with his own cousins. My sister always tried to make a distance between her kids and Tajul Iman. Yesterday she didn’t turn up to work as my family is still here at my mom’s place. Being so protective to her own kids.  

This might be a trivial matter to those people outside there, but to me, it really hurts me a lot when I still can’t make the family members able to adapt with our family, with our two autistic children. Irfan is doing ok since he is still a mild Autism, but Tajul Iman, my severe one seems to create such a chaotic life to other people around him.

Every single day when we’re here, is such a great challenge for me to make every family members to cope well with Tajul  Iman.  Yesterday my dad was so angry and he spanked my boy for pulling out the door locked. Also when Tajul Iman kicked his door until it was broken. Three days in my hometown and my son had make every people’s life crazy!!!! Enough enough enough, I got to back to Dungun ASAP.


  1. Stay strong you and the whole family of tajulddin. May Allah granted barokah in your life and afterlife..

  2. Stay strong you and the whole family of tajulddin. May Allah granted barokah in your life and afterlife..