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Friday 6 August 2021


 To my dear followers,

It has been a long time since I last jotted down something on my blog. I was so busy with my career as a lecturer and juggling between my work-life balance and as a caregiver for both my Autism children Iman and Irfan. 

Iman is already 18 this year and Irfan is already 15. Life becomes more challenging nowadays. I am already 50 this year, with my health complications along the way. Besides all this challenges,  I finally found myself being diagnosed with ADULT ADHD. Now I understand why God is sending these 2 boys to me. To tell me that I myself am actually an adult ADHD. No wonder both my boys is ADHD too.

Throughout my life, there were a series of stress and depressions, I always experience Angina (chest pain) and difficulty in breathing when I was so stressed or upset. I didn't know that these were among the criteria of anxiety. Forgetfulness, no focus, couldn't cope with job tasks, and having problems with my social interactions with people around me brings me to some "inquiries".  I went to see a few counselors and psychologists. Eventually, I was diagnosed with adult ADHD at the age of 49 which was last year.

Over my concern to adult ADHD issues and how they are struggling to cope up with their life, I initiated my own YouTube Channel called MADAM LAILA'S CHANNEL to increase public awareness of ADHD and what happens to untreated ADHD people in their later lives. 

This is the link to my Channel. Please listen to my videos, but prior to that, I would like to apologize for having most videos in the Malay Language. This is because I'm targeting my audience from my own country and I use Malay to make sure they got the messages I want to deliver to them.

Please watch this video. 

I do have some videos on my students' presentations. Also a few videos on my teaching on the subject of  Nutrition. Happy watching!

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