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Friday, 7 March 2014

My Challenge as Iman's Caregiver

My day to day  life is full of challenges, coping with my son's behavior. I got to be more patient beside gaining some some new knowledge in Autism World. My son insisted to go to school even at night. When I said the school is closed, he threw his tantrums again and again. Making myself so exhausted. Now I see the need to open an AUTISM CENTRE in Dungun. 


  1. Salaam to you both.

    I am here by accident. Having read a couple of your postings I cannot help sympathysing as well as admiring you two. Iman is a gift, a special gift to you. You see more than many ever see in such a child as Iman, and that has prompted you to think of a centre in Dungun.

    You will never regret if ever you develop your idea. I had a dream once and developed it. Today, TWENTY years down the line I am grateful to HIM for enlightening me to do what I have been doing - less than 100km north of Dungun! Let us do whatevr we can for others instead of seeking others to sympathise us.

    I wonder whether you are in Dungun or in Bangi - perhaps from Dungun now lecturers in Bangi.

    1. I'm already in Dungun dear. I let go my Phd at UKM for my son. The biggest gift in my life! please call me as I need to talk to you 011-26451058