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Thursday, 16 June 2011

What is Autism

Autism is a neural disorder in the kids which results in an abnormal growth of the kid. The growth of the brain cells is hindered in Autism resulting in poor communication and senses. The symptoms appear during the early age and if not attended well, then can result in a hindered growth of the kid. The symptoms appear by the age of six months and can stick to the child even in his adulthood. The children suffering from Autism cannot communicate well with the kids of their age group neither they are interested in making friends as they become under confident. The behavior of the kid also becomes abnormal and he finds it difficult to react normally to the things happening around him. The thought process is also affected and the kid might not be able to understand things properly.

Autism makes a kid very vulnerable and fearful. It can result in the situations where the kid would not be able to find the appropriate words while speaking. Moreover, the learning ability of the kid also decreases gradually as the disease worsens. The kid would not be able to interpret the things happening around him like sense of light, color, weather and temperature.

Autism can be treated by providing a safe and secure environment for the kid to grow. Regular counseling, treating kid with utmost care are the best ways. Psychologists and therapists help kids to learn in a special way so that they understand all the things around them. Working in a group with kids, group tasks, social skill development can help the kids. Some kids even need help in performing basic tasks like bathing, brushing, dressing up etc. To treat Autism, the parents and the therapists, both are required to show highest level of patience as the only thing which a kid suffering from Autism needs is your time.

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